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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P058 Thinking Implants? Think Training! Introduction to Dental Implant Nursing

Speaker: Kasia Allan

  • About This Course

This recorded webinar is a relatively short presentation on the large topic of Dental Implant Nursing. Implant Dentistry is constantly advancing area of dentistry and provides plenty of opportunities for dental teams and dental nurses.

Dentists performing in this field require a well-trained team including dental nurses capable of dealing with challenging aspects of implant treatment.  Kasia Allan highlights how dental nurses play a vital role in the dental surgery.

Kasia encourages her fellow dental nurses to explore the opportunities within implant dentistry and urges them not to be afraid to take these opportunities when they come along.

Learning Outcomes


To discuss

  • Why implant training is important
  • The importance of dental nurses' involvement in dental implant treatment
  • The patient's dental implant journey with an emphasis on effective communication
  • What makes a dental nurse a comprehensive dental implant assistant?


On completion of this webinar you will have increased knowledge and understanding of the importance of the dental nurse's involvement in a patient's implant journey.

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