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CPD Approx.1:30 Hours

P057 Dentolegal Essentials: Keeping Safe in the 'New Normal'

Speaker:Dr Sue Boynton BDS LLM FFGDP(UK)

  • About This Course

The content of this course was correct on the date of the live broadcast 18.8.2020.

Dentistry in the new normal presents more challenges than ever before and it is only natural that this creates concern. Some people lose sleep worrying about what has happened in the practice, or what might happen. This  recording of an extremely relevant dentolegal webinar looks at the main dentolegal hot topics in the 'new normal' and includes relevant practical tips for minimising risk. Having this valuable intelligence can help you to reduce your risk, and with that reduce your worries.


This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of the current dentolegal issues. It discusses how to develop workable strategies which can be applied in everyday dental practice and also how to put dentolegal issues in to perspective.


  • To explore dentolegal issues in the 'new normal'.
  • To identify the main issues which can result in complaints and GDC investigations.
  • To develop strategies to reduce the risk of such issues occurring (including what to do when something does not work out as expected).

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session you will have a greater awareness of the current dentolegal issues, be able put them into perspective and develop workable strategies which can be applied in everyday in dental practice to reduce risks.

GDC Development Outcomes

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