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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P080 Dentistry for the Homeless Part 1

Speaker:Dr Natalie Bradley BDS MFDS Dip SCD RCSEd

  • About This Course

Do Teeth Matter? Oral Health of People who Experience Homelessness - The first in the webinar series 'Dentistry for the Homeless'

This webinar will look a the oral health needs of people who experience homelessness, including rough sleepers and how their needs can affect oral health and access to dental services. 

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand the oral health of people who experience homelessness
  • To appreciate where oral health fits into the priorities of people who experience homelessness
  • To understand barriers and enablers to accessing dental care for people who experience homelessness


To understand how dentistry and oral health fits into the lives of people who experience homelessness. 

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