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P162 How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team to Create a Successful Practice

Speaker:Dr. Bhavna Doshi

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Webinar Details

This webinar will help you discover how to motivate, encourage and grow your team into a successful practice.


  • Step up to the next level of success with a united and cohesive team
  • Learn how to nurture, encourage and grow your team into a productive group of individuals that are able to take their own initiative and are leaders within their own rights
  • Nurture an empowered, enthusiastic and motivated team 
  • Help your team to work autonomously independent of your presence, but still remain under your leadership and guidance
  • Discover how to prioritise team work for team growth and hence practice growth
  • Inspire your team with the correct values to establish a growth culture
  • Learn how to reduce overall stress for everyone on the team

Learning Outcomes


To discuss

  • How to prioritise team work for team growth and a united practice
  • Encourage your team to take their own initiative
  • Help your team work autonomously but remain under your leadership
  • Establish the correct values for a growth culture




On completion of this webinar you will understand how to motivate and inspire your team to create a successful practice.

The Speakers

Dr. Bhavna Doshi thumbnail

Dr. Bhavna Doshi

CEO of Dental Wealth Builder (DWB

As CEO of Dental Wealth Builder (DWB), Bhavna primarily focuses on Practice Profitability and Growth Solutions. Her strategic techniques have been tried, tested and proven to work and have optimised revenues for many colleagues. The comprehensive DWB coaching programs have been uniquely designed for associates, practice owners and dental teams.

Having been in the dental industry for 30 years, she has worked as a successful practicing dentist, principal to multiple practices, a business coach, a judge for the National Private Dentistry Awards and recently in partnership with corporate Dentex.

Bhavna provides a unique perspective that combines clinical dental know-how and entrepreneurship with focused business fundamentals. Her mission is to empower dentists’ and their teams with easy to accomplish strategies that makes owning or working in a dental practice highly rewarding. Her main areas of expertise are: Success Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Practice Growth & Profitability, Successful Associateship, Motivational Transformational Leadership, Cost-Effective Marketing, Gaining Comprehensive Case Acceptances, Communication Skills and Inspiring Teams.