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P137 Mouth Cancer - Diagnosis and Breaking the News

Speakers: Fiona Ellwood M.Ed L.M, PG Cert MDent, BA (Hons) Ed st. LCGI (Hon) FFGDP (UK) Paul Roebuck PGCEE, FETC (A.Dip), MNCS ((Accred) Philip Lewis BDS Rachel Parsons Tim ParsonsDr Andrew Osafo BDS Dip Sed FIADFE

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Webinar Details

Mouth Cancer Action Month is held in November every year and is supported by the Mouth Cancer Foundation and the Oral Health Foundation.

This webinar is in collaboration with the Mouth Cancer Foundation and starts our series of webinars on the subject of mouth cancer.

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Hosted by Philip Lewis

This webinar will explore:

  • Screening and patient journey - Bhavin Visavadia consultant OMFS
  • Patient's viewpoint - sharing their story - Rachel & Tim Parsons, Paul Roebuck
  • Psychological support for patient and team - TBC
  • Whole team approach - Fiona Ellwood
  • GDP perspective - Andrew Osafo 

Learning Outcomes


To discuss:

  • Screening, diagnosis and referral 
  • The patient's viewpoint 
  • The psychological aspects of a mouth cancer diagnosis 
  • How the whole dental team has a role


On completion of this webinar you will understand mouth cancer diagnosis and referral, what it's like for the patient, psychological aspects and the role of the whole team in primary care.

The Speakers

 Fiona Ellwood M.Ed L.M, PG Cert MDent, BA (Hons) Ed st. LCGI (Hon) FFGDP (UK) thumbnail

Fiona Ellwood M.Ed L.M, PG Cert MDent, BA (Hons) Ed st. LCGI (Hon) FFGDP (UK)

Patron SBDN Chair NOHPG

I have a range of roles and responsibilities across the UK. I am currently an External Examiner in Ireland (University Trinity College Dublin and Cork) and University West of Scotland covering the Higher qualifications for dental nurses. I am a member of the Editorial Board for Dental Nursing and the Chair of the National Oral Health Promotion Group. I am a subject expert for the University of Bangor and a Quality Assurance Education Associate for the General Dental Council. I provide short courses for Health Education England and I am part of the Dental Advisory Group for Dental Partners UK. I am the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Director for Leamington Spa Orthodontics. I provide mentorship and am a member of Dental Mentors UK. In addition, I have a number of appointments which include: Chair of the National Oral Health Promotion Group; Patron Society of British Dental Nurses; member of the Scottish Advisory Board for DCPs; DCP lead for the Human Factors Group. I am Founder and Patron of the Society of British Dental Nurses, which is going from strength to strength and Vice Chair of BSDHT. I was honoured to be elected the President of BADN

 Paul Roebuck PGCEE, FETC (A.Dip), MNCS ((Accred) thumbnail

Paul Roebuck PGCEE, FETC (A.Dip), MNCS ((Accred)


Paul was diagnosed and treated for oral cancer in 2017 with a hemi-glossectomy (partial tongue removal).

Paul is a psychotherapist so the threat of losing his speech was especially impactful.

He now teach junior doctors at UHCW (Coventry hospital) how to break bad news to patients. 


Facebook: @TongeCancerJourney

 Philip Lewis BDS thumbnail

Philip Lewis BDS

President Mouth Cancer Foundation

Philip has had an interest in the early detection of mouth cancer for many years and continues to be heavily involved with the subject. In 2013 he was appointed an Ambassador for the Mouth Cancer Foundation, becoming its President in 2020.

 He has a special interest in raising public awareness of the subject and promoting self-examination. This is especially important in times when access to dental appointments may be limited.

 Philip has always taken a keen interest in postgraduate education and the development of dentistry. As well as writing and lecturing on mouth cancer he serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of several dental magazines and has received awards for commitment to postgraduate education.

Philip regularly writes for the dental press and lectures to dental professionals on a variety of clinical and practice management topics as well as giving talks on dental related subjects to groups of the general public.

 In addition, Philip is a long-serving member of the British Dental Association and now acts as a media spokesperson.

 Philip Lewis continues to run a single-handed practice on the Isle of Wight. His wife Joy acts as receptionist/practice manager. His daughters Chloe and Sarah are both qualified dental nurses.

Outside of dentistry, Philip takes an interest in music, drama and travel.

 Rachel Parsons thumbnail

Rachel Parsons

Patient Ambassador for The Mouth Cancer Foundation

On Boxing Day 2007 Rachel found a lump on the inside of her right cheek, but it was Christmas, so didn’t have much time to think about it. Rachel is married to Firefighter Tim and they have 5 beautiful children.

Rachel was advised by her GP to see a Dentist, who told her it was lichen planus, a common mouth infection and not to worry…Six months later the lump still hadn’t gone away. Instead it had become enlarged, ulcerated and painful. Rachel visited the doctor again and was referred to Coventry University Hospital for a biopsy before receiving the devastating news that she had buccal mucosa, a cancer of the lining of the cheeks.

On 6th September 2008 Rachel underwent a nine-and-a-half-hour operation to remove the cancer from her right cheek, which was replaced with muscle and a vein taken from Rachel’s left wrist and forearm. Skin was then taken from her tummy to replace the skin on her arm.

Rachel was allowed to leave the hospital six days later, but her battle was far from over. She was unable to open her mouth more than an inch and had to be fed intravenously. She had to exercise her mouth and could eventually eat baby food. Even now Rachel can’t open her mouth wide enough to eat a burger, and part of my face is still numb. As well as suffering infections, Rachel underwent follow up work at Birmingham Dental Hospital. The first year was incredibly tough.

Rachel started to raise awareness of mouth cancer 10 weeks after surgery and was invited to launch Mouth Cancer Action Month at the House of Commons in 2013. Rachel volunteers to man the Mouth Cancer Foundation Patient and Carers Helpline.

 Tim Parsons thumbnail

Tim Parsons

People’s Ambassador for The Mouth Cancer Foundation

Tim Parsons and his Wife, Rachel – who is a Patient Ambassador – have worked continuously over the last 10 years, to raise awareness of mouth cancer. Rachel was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2008, and underwent radical surgery. Tim was her caregiver during this time and for the following two years, balancing caring for her, whilst looking after their 5 small children, keeping house – and working full time as a Firefighter!

He is painfully honest about this time. “We were left on our own following Rachel’s operation. I received little support from my work – I was entitled to one day off – yes, one day – to care for Rachel. Firefighters make things right for people, but I couldn’t make things right for her, and felt helpless. Cancer nearly ended our marriage and nearly led me to having a breakdown.”

Thankfully, they pulled through the dark times and have since strived to raise awareness of mouth cancer and regularly lecture professionals telling their story. “People think that Firefighters are brave lifesavers” Tim says. “I don’t think of myself as a lifesaver. But those who deal with the patients – the Dentists, Doctors, Dental Nurses, Hygienists, Consultants, Nurses, Medical and Dental Staff – and those who educate others – they are the lifesavers through their work, and they are in the front line in the fight against mouth cancer”.

He continues “And the brave, well, they have got to be the patients and survivors of mouth cancer, who bear their suffering and scars with courage and fortitude and pride. The Mouth Cancer Foundation carries out amazing work to support sufferers and their families and loved ones, as well as educating others and I am honoured to be a People’s Ambassador”

Dr Andrew Osafo BDS Dip Sed FIADFE thumbnail

Dr Andrew Osafo BDS Dip Sed FIADFE

Dentist and Mouth Cancer Foundation Ambassador

Andrew graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2003 and works in primary and secondary care. He has a special interest in Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Facial Aesthetics, Pain free dentistry and Orthodontics. Dr Osafo also enjoys writing articles and tests products for several companies. Andrew is an ambassador for the Mouth Cancer Foundation. In 2019 Andrew received the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics Fellowship. Fellowship in the Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics is by invitation to those members of the dental industry who have distinguished themselves.