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CPD Approx.0:30 Minutes

P539 Every Day Dental Care: A Caregiver's Guide

  • About This Course

Taking care of someone with a developmental disability requires patience and skill. As a caregiver, you know this as well as anyone does. You also know how challenging it is to help that person with dental care. It takes planning, time, and the ability to manage physical, mental, and behavioral problems. Dental care isn't always easy, but you can make it work for you and the person you help. This module will show you how to help someone brush, floss, and have a healthy mouth.

Learning Outcomes


  • To review the Mental Health Act 2005
  • To understand mental health problems and the potential barriers for the dental team
  • To investigate how to establish effective communication between the patient and the dental team


On completion of this module you will understand the Mental Health Act 2005 and the impact of mental health problems on dental treatment.

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