UPCOMING - Global Remote and Rural Healthcare - How Can We Do It Better? 17th November 2020 - 18th November 2020

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P068 The Game Changing Guide to Turbocharging the Success of your Practice

Speaker Mark Oborn - How would it be if I could show you, in one hour, how to change your life & career forever?
To increase the performance of yourself, your business and your team?
To be able to see the way to achieve what you want and relate to other people in a way that is natural, calm and beneficial for everyone?

NLP is your route to achieving this, and on this presentation you’ll find out why NLP is so powerful. NLP is a collection of ideas, philosophies, and ways of thinking that leaves behind a trail of techniques which are easy to learn and simple to put into practice.

This is your opportunity to make a difference to your business and life…

We'll look at:
• What is NLP?
• How to a few simple techniques.
• Understanding problems and how the human brain creates them and often fails to solve them.
• Neurological levels of thinking, a great tool for understanding the structure of what's happening in any individual, group or organisation.
• The NLP communication model and how the world around us is just not as we thought!
• The NLP presuppositions, perfect starting points to beneficially change how we think

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