Maziko Hisbon Matemba Portrait

Maziko Hisbon Matemba

Malawi Health Activist and Community Health Ambassador

 Maziko Hisbon Matemba is a professional public health expert, community mobilizer and facilitator who has served as a Health and Human Rights campaigner in Malawi and globally for 15 years.

- National Community Health Ambassador - PHM Malawi Coordinator - Train of Trainer (ToT) -Global Health Financing - Public health services reforms technical and health systems expert - Executive Director of Health and Rights Education Programme (HREP) (NGO) - Malawi Global Fund Coordinating Committee Vice Chairperson - Chairperson of Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organization (MANASO) network of 1000 community organizations. - National Champion for Reproductive, Maternal, New born, Adolescent and Child Health (RMNCAH+ Nutrition) for SDG 3 in Malawi alongside the Her Excellency Graca Machel of Graca Machel Trust (GMT) former first lady of Mozambique and South Africa - Yale University School of Public Health-Health policy and Management, University of Kwazulu and Pretoria –International law

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