Who's making decisions for you as a professional group?

Opportunities are there in abundance, but all too often I hear about so called ‘road blocks’ and for a variety of reasons.

Not everyone in the dental arena has the same emphasis on skill-mix, many don’t engage with it or see the benefit and of course this has a huge impact on job satisfaction and staff retention.

Can you achieve what you want to, without practice buy in? ‘With great difficulty’ I hear. On the one hand we have ambitious and driven dental nurses and on the other we have practitioners or businesses that either feel that skill-mix is complex to implement, with many challenges or those who feel it is not cost effective. Perhaps we should have a forum that shares success stories or discusses issues and concerns, so the more fortunate of dental nurses can help the less fortunate.

Should your career be constrained by the environment you work in? How does this affect your employability going forwards?

There are ways around many of the ‘road blocks’, but maintaining competence could be a bigger issue – lots to consider when you sign up to courses.


Author Fiona Ellwood

Posted by Gemma

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