Where have we been and where are we going as a professional group?

As I celebrate 30 years of being a qualified dental nurse you can imagine I have seen much change, but change that has come about since registration in 2008. Yes it was a long time in coming to fruition, but once it was implemented Dental Nursing was destined to change and whether you believe it was the right thing to do or not, this is where we are today. Registration not only allows us to work within our scope of practice, but contributes to the regulatory objectives in relation to the quality of care provided to patients.

When I speak to groups, I often have Dental Nurses in the audience who know no different; registration to them is an accepted part of the job and key to employment.

Fact: It is important to understand the purpose of registration, what it allows us to do, how it affects our workload and scope of practice and how it needs to grow with us as a professional group in the fluid dental arena at times of reform.


Author: Fiona Ellwood

Posted by Gemma

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