What is your New Year’s resolution, practice manager?

Image representing What is your New Year’s resolution, practice manager?

Nicki Rowland shares her ten top tips for seeing your resolutions through to fruition be it at work, at home or on a personal basis.

As we embark on an exciting, new year, most of us have probably made a New Year’s resolution. The Oxford Dictionary states that a resolution is ‘a firm decision to do or not to do something’. Typically, resolutions are focused on improving our health, for example, being teetotal for the month of January or kicking the smoking habit forever. No matter what our promise is to ourselves, the battle is always to stand firm and not be swayed by the temptations around us. Human nature leads us to take the path of least resistance particularly under pressure. It is so easy to fall back into bad habits and reach for a glass of wine or a cigarette when we are feeling stressed and anxious. The key to cracking these habits and sticking to your resolve is to plan your route to success and have strategies to keep you on track.

How many Practice Managers out there have made a New Year’s resolution to make changes in the workplace or put new systems into place? If so, are you confident that you can achieve your goals or are you wary that you might fall back into old habits at the first sign of resistance from the team? Well, the philosophy behind achieving your work goals is similar to that of reaching your personal objectives ie to plan, evaluate, improve and act.

Here are my ten top tips for seeing your resolutions through to fruition be it at work, at home or on a personal basis:-

  1. Define your purpose – be clear about what you wish to achieve and take responsibility for shaping the future.
  2. Embrace the change – be proud of what you have achieved to date but embrace change and make improvements.
  3. Keep moving forward – view failures and disappointments as an opportunity to improve, evolve and succeed.
  4. Believe in yourself – be prepared, have faith in yourself and be true to your inner beliefs.
  5. Keep a positive attitude – do not tolerate negativity or poor attitudes to what you are endeavouring to achieve. Stay focused on the horizon and your eye on the prize.
  6. Communicate – involve those around you and communicate your vision and end goal. Share your concerns and listen to advice. Positive communication can strengthen your resolve.
  7. Be authentic - be sensitive, open, firm and fair to yourself and those around you. Be accepting of your strengths and weaknesses and remember that you are only human. Reward yourself for your achievements.
  8. Make everyday count – give 100% to achieving your goals. If you feel that you are veering off track, have a strategy to steer you in the right direction again.
  9. Act now – do not put off the inevitable. Action your plan as soon as you can and set a specific timeframe in which to achieve your chosen outcomes.
  10. Stay healthy – sleep, eat and exercise well. It has a direct impact on your general wellbeing at a time when you need the energy and motivation to make a mental shift.

Change management can be exciting, challenging and difficult but also very rewarding. Watch out for my monthly blogs as I look at each tip in more detail and furnish you with strategies for achieving success!

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