The Nightmare before Christmas

Image representing The Nightmare before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lab,

Came hundreds and hundreds of crowns, … oh how fab!

The dentists had been prepping, too much to be said,

It’s Christmas Eve we cried, we’ll end up dead!

Bonded, Ceramic, Zirconia and Emax, one unit, two unit, three unit, four,

Even a few full upper jaws!

Thanks goodness for ‘digital’ and the milling machine,

Scanning and designing; we are all letting out steam,

Uppers and lowers, left and right

Study models cast to check the bite

Occlusion adjusted again and again

Will they be given a ‘10’ from Len?

Waiting for the furnace to bleep ‘it’s the end’

Staining and glazing, Bright White is the trend!

Sherry and mince pies will have to wait for a while

As the dentists are hoping their patients will smile

The clock is ticking as the Christmas songs ring out

The stress is growing – blooming teeth we shout!

The sandblaster is blasting; the model trimmer whirling away

One more sleep until it’s Christmas Day

Last appointment is at 5 o’clock

Only 3 more crowns to go, tick tock, tick tock

Getting giddy now for the festive cheer

Open the lab fridge there is plenty of beer

Last patient just happens to be Mrs Claus

We’ve done it we’ve made it …. Lets give lots of applause

The stress and the trauma is over, for this year anyway

So hope you all have a fun filled joyous Christmas Day

But please please just remember from us all here

No toffees, nuts or pork crackling…just plenty of beer!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from

All Ceramic Solutions Ltd – Dental Laboratory

01274 271091

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