Stay compliant in your dental waste disposal

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As a busy dental practice with an impeccable reputation to uphold, you know better than anyone that promoting efficiency and staying compliant is paramount to the safe and effective running of your practice – particularly when it comes to the correct segregation of your generated waste.


As well as having significant legal and environmental ramifications, failure to comply with waste regulations can pose a threat to your patients and staff, the wider public and, consequently, your business. The consequences of deviating from Hazardous Waste Regulations – which includes the disposal and segregation of sharps, swabs, blood-contaminated dressings and PPE – are particularly extreme, potentially leading to fines of £500 and/or 2 years imprisonment.

In order to ensure that the potential risk of contamination or infection within, and outside of, your practice are minimised as much as possible, all staff should be responsible for disposing of all generated waste in a legal, safe and effective manner. However, this can be easier said than done with so many waste streams to remember, as well as a busy facility to maintain.

To keep abreast of current laws and requirements, you need a flexible solution that helps you stay compliant and constantly improves staff knowledge – without disrupting practice requirements and, most importantly, patient care.

The Clinismart blended-learning solution

Clinismart is a unique blended-learning solution and has been designed by healthcare waste experts, Sharpsmart, to provide dental practices of all sizes and specialties with a fully compliant, sustainable disposal route for all waste streams, including medicines, amalgam disposal, recycling for Gypsum study models, X-ray fluid and lead foils, sharps and both infectious and non-infectious matter.

The Clinismart solution comprises an extensive range of blended-learning tools that are specifically designed to support and optimise the unique educational needs of your staff when it comes to the correct disposal and segregation of waste, including:

Waste Posters – We know your dental practice generates more than just sharps and clinical refuse. From domestic to recyclable waste, our Waste Segregation Matrix posters are a handy tool for identifying which bag should be used for each different waste streams.

Bin Labels – Our attractive easy-peel labels are designed to be attached to the appropriate container within your practice, helping staff to verify that they’re disposing of waste into the correct receptacle.

Training Logs – Record training sessions with ease with Sharpsmart training logs, designed to track the learning progress of each staff member.

E-learning course – The 5 Moments of Waste Disposal – The 5 Moments course is ideal for helping staff become fully conversant with the disposal routes for all different waste streams generated within the typical dental environment. Learners can track their results after each test and are able to take the course as many times as they need to in order to feel confident.

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