Standards for dental educators - are you up to standard?

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Education Consultant, Barbara Brown, gave a thought provoking lecture on the Standards we should have as dental educators. Are you working as a dental professional and as a dental educator? As a dual professional are you continuing to develop yourself in both aspects of your work? 

As a dental professional we all see the need to keep ours skills and knowledge up-to-date so we can provide the best care and service to our patients. CPD is a compulsory part of a dental professionals registration with the GDC; remember it's the law! Do we however see this same importance in keeping our training and teaching skills and knowledge up-to-date, in order for our learners to get the best from us as teachers?

'Great teachers help create great students'

Experience is a great teacher, but it does mean that we tend to do what we have done before; sticking to the same old lectures or lesson plan. By focusing CPD on your profession as an educator opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas. Being a dental educator is a rewarding job but this comes with the responsibility to keep current, meaning we are continually seeking to improve our educational practice. We want to encourage our students to be lifelong learners and thus we should lead by example.

The UK Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors (COPDEND) have 'Standards for Dental Educators' which sets out the values, knowledge and behaviours expected of dental education professionals. These seek to ensure that skilled educators provide high quality educational experiences for all learners.


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