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If you want to promote the services you provide, you need to make sure your message gets across clearly, otherwise you may potentially miss out on business.

The other week I was in a bar with my friend Phil and an advert came on the TV. However, when it ended both Phil and I were confused. He even turned to me and said: “But what am I supposed to buy?”

When I am producing online videos for my clients, I always consider how the target audience will perceive it. For instance to promote a business, ideally, the potential client wants to hear from existing clients. After all, If you were going out for a meal, you would trust people who had eaten at the establishment before, rather than just the owner themselves claiming to be the best restaurant in the area.

Video testimonials of clients give a honest human face to what your practice/business can do for them. Footage showing interaction between your team and patients/clients gets across how welcoming you are and how comfortable your clients are with you.

Educational videos on treatments and procedures you offer can also help secure new patients e.g. if someone looking up Periodontal Disease, finds a video on your practice website, those same people are more likely to book a consultation, as you have just provided them with the information they wanted to know.

Remember, videos on your website/social media are what potential clients will see of you first. So it is important to make sure they indicate you are Professional, Caring, Empathetic and most of all, that your clients think you are not only great value, but the best money they have ever spent.

Author Neil Munro

Communications Manager, Clockwork Prism



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