New approaches in hard and soft tissue augmentation- Geistlich Symposium

Over 70 delegates attended the recent Geistlich Symposium – attracted by the promise to ‘learn something new’! Whilst this promise doesn’t always mean something new and ‘interesting’ or new and ‘useful’, with a line up of leading UK and international researchers and clinicians – it was a reasonable chance that most would take something positive away from the event.

Professor Frank Schwarz was the visiting international speaker and promised an innovative hands-on session for the delegates, in which they could learn the technique of ‘using periodontally diseased tooth roots for lateral alveolar augmentation’. Having published an initial case report on this technique, Professor Schwarz begun by explaining the principles behind the technique. He explained that; ’13 million teeth are extracted in Germany each year and just thrown away’.

With great support from the organisers at the Royal College of Physicians, we were able to film and live broadcast (at very short notice!), Prof Schwarz demonstrating the technique during the hands-on. 

https://vimeo.com/channels/geistlichbiomaterialsuk/194844203 - Professor Frank Schwarz demonstrates the innovative technique of using periodontally diseased tooth roots for lateral alveolar augmentation.

Whilst it is too early to tell if this innovative technique will become a reliable option for complex augmentation, what is clear is that delegates picked up some valuable tips in respect to; flap design, soft-tissue augmentation and wound closure. And so, whilst this particular ‘new approach’ might not be a silver bullet to revolutionise complex grafting cases – most delegates picked up some valuable tricks and tips to enhance their everyday surgical cases.

Merry Christmas to all and wishing you a Happy New Year from Geistlich!  


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