Metal-Bite and Metal-Bite Blue

Metal-Bite is a universal precision registration material. Early 2000 the classical dark grey Metal–Bite was introduced as the first universal fast setting auto mixing vinyl Polysolioxane for universal precision registrations.

Over time the conventional indications have been extended: As a result of innovative applications Metal-Bite is not only used for static but also for dynamic registrations and because of its radiopacity Metal- Bite is additionally used for manufacturing surgical guides for implantology and for bite plates and face bows.

In addition Metal-Bite is used for fixing the para-occlusal impression tray for the and for CMD applications. Metal–Bite can also be used for conventional intra-oral registrations and optionally for chairside and lab side powder free scanning with universal CAD/CAM systems. The registrations are rigid and easy to trim.

The benefits of Meta-Bite are:

  • A Universal and scannable precision registration material for chairside and lab side indications
  • A comfortable working time for a stress free registration
  • An excellent thixotropic behaviour ( excellent standing and flowable character)
  • A Precise detail reproduction
  • A high Shore-D hardness to prevent deformation
  • An excellent cutting, contouring, easy trimming and easy withdrawal from the mouth

Metal-Bite Blue is specifically designed for the blue spectra of the CEREC AC with Cerec Bluecam (LED). It fulfils all requirements concerning precision, brightness, contract of the scan and provides excellent scanning data. The benefits of Metal-Bite Blue are just the same as Metal-Bite.

'Don't ever think it is just another bite material, it has numerous advantages in the laboratory especially for the digital technicians workflow. Shore hardness of 40 makes it ideal for quick models out of an impression. we also use it in our flasking and packing of acrylic dentures.'

Philip smith- dental technician of 40 years

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