Mentoring for dental nurses and dental students

Mentoring in Dentistry is far from a new concept, but it hasn’t been specifically designed for the purpose of dental nurses. Whilst mentoring is rarely allied to anyone group the mechanism of mentoring is rarely provided for this group.

We’ve all had those moments or feelings of not knowing where to turn or how to make changes in either our careers or professional lives.

More and more dental nurses are undertaking extended duties, additional studies and need support to overcome hurdles. A mentor can help!

We ask you to consider a mentor as being a trusted friend in a professional relationship, who enables and facilitates individuals to take charge of their development and in turn realise their own potential.

Why not be a mentor?

It can be fun, fast and motivating and gives great satisfaction. In this rapidly change world of dentistry this could be the very thing you are missing.

Those who have undergone mentoring training have been amazed at its strength. See the quotes from recently trained mentors.


“ I couldn’t believe I could make such a difference, I’m sold”.

“I wish I had known about mentoring when I was starting out”.

“ It was so rewarding for not only the mentee, but for me too


Author Fiona Ellwood

Mentoring network

Mentoring network provides mentoring specifically for student dental nurses and for registrants making career decisions and choices.



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