It’s good to communicate

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The late Bob Hoskins may have memorably proclaimed “It’s good to talk” for a BT TV advertisement a couple of decades ago. However, interacting doesn’t have to be verbal. Eye movement or a hand gesture could do. Touching someone’s arm. Sending an email. Writing a note. Recording a message. Drawing a diagram. And, yes, talking.

Don’t hold back

Communicate your vision, your goals and your targets. Share them in many ways. Communicate your concerns, your anxieties and your imponderables. Communicate your successes and the pleasure that others’ successes give you. Communicate your disappointment at a job done badly and the failures and mitakes (sic).

Radiate enthusiasm and infect others with it. Give off positive energy, warm vibes and endless optimism. Be resolute and determined and help others to feel likewise. Exude passion in what you say, fascination in the way you listen.

Be a people practice

Dentistry isn’t by robots to robots – it’s about people. Communicate with your team, with your patients, with your suppliers, with your high street neighbours, with the GDC, the CQC and even your accountants. Be Richard Branson in a balloon, Boris Johnson on a high wire, Mo Farah winning a gold medal.

Make all your team winners, whatever their ability. Raise a cheer at your team talks, make your rhetoric memorable, your every word persuasive. Be always eloquent.

Don’t just talk

Say it with flowers. Praise with applause. Slap your head when you do something dull. Punch the air when your team does well. Pat a colleague on the back. Indicate when you or a team member has a light bulb moment. Conduct part of a team meeting in mime, another part by writing in SMS language or textese (LOL). Try the British Sign Language 3 Minute Challenge with your team http://www.british-sign.co.uk/fingerspelling-game/ . Practice using silence to communicate and encourage your team to do likewise. Pull faces. Use gestures such as touching your nose, pulling your ear lobe, covering your mouth. Make it a team game.

Je pense, donc je suis

René Descartes’ phrase translates as ‘I think, therefore I am’. I suggest a modification: ‘I think, therefore I communicate.’

Author: Nicki Rowland

Posted by Gemma

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