Is Your Practice’s Oral Cancer Management System CQC Compliant?

Image representing Is Your Practice’s Oral Cancer Management System CQC Compliant?

We all know that Oral Cancer Management CPD is a GDC recommended topic. However, do you know that the CQC is also asking about oral cancer management in their new inspections.

Under their KLOE’s, the CQC may look for the following:-


  • Does the practice have a strategy for the management of oral cancer?
  • Are practice oral cancer policies and procedures in place?
  • Do all team members understand and implement these policies and procedures?


  • Are patients triaged by the reception team?
  • Is systematic, opportunistic oral cancer screening implemented by every dentist, therapist, hygienist and clinical dental technician?
  • Are screenings thoroughly recorded?


  • Do team members talk to patients during screenings about oral cancer?
  • Are patients taught to self-screen?
  • Are oral cancer advice leaflets available to patients?


  • Is BDA guidance followed for the management of oral cancer?
  • Are NICE guidelines followed for specialist referrals?
  • Are oral cancer audits run regularly?


  • Do team members have individual roles and responsibilities within the oral cancer management system?
  • Do team members receive oral cancer CPD and training to deliver their obligations for oral cancer management?
  • Are staff meetings held to coordinate and improve oral cancer management systems in the practice?

Implementing an oral cancer management system will not only keep CQC inspectors happy but there is nothing more motivational and rewarding than training your team to save lives. A robust system has also proved to be a great practice builder!


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