How to explode your word of mouth marketing?

Image representing How to explode your word of mouth marketing?

Our clients tell us that their ideal patient is one that has been recommended, and one that recommends them. Now get excited because Krishan Joshi’s new VIDEO (below) will give you the best "distilled" FREE Facebook strategy on how to attract the "best friends" of your raving fan patients!

Sometimes clients ask "how do we attract young to middle aged patients for FREE and without doing any WORK?" The secret of attracting patients from Facebook is in what clients actually say to their 25-45 year old patients. The best FREE strategy is not in Likes, Check-ins, Posts, Pages and everything else under the sun...

The secret is in the blatant asking of a LINK to your website.

Click here to watch the video and share this in your team meeting. Start practicing because the success of this strategy is in the consistency of applying the simple "30 second chat" with every patient. It is a numbers game. Clients always get better and better with every patient and everyday

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