Dr Michael Norton ‘Complications during sinus lift’ Geistlich Symposium

Image representing Dr Michael Norton ‘Complications during sinus lift’ Geistlich Symposium

Training and education is essential to ensure the successful use of biomaterials and ultimately provide excellent long-term patient outcomes. The latest Geistlich Biomaterials seminar provided an opportunity for UK clinicians to invest in education by attending a day of lectures and hands on sessions.

The world class faculty was led by Professor Istvan Urban, who focused on simultaneous sinus and horizontal augmentation - detailing the innovative ‘sausage technique’ and Dr. Michael Norton, who covered the management of complications in sinus lift.

Discussing the likely complications, Dr. Norton reminded delegates that the sinus lift is an internal augmentation, meaning that the sinus is in communication with the nasal cavity and subsequently, the base of the skull. So, in theory infections from the sinus could travel although in his experience, they were actually rare. He suggested that maybe the bigger risk was when sinus grafts were not done. ‘We are having major debates regarding the use of short implants, but no-one is debating the risk of them being pushed straight through into the sinus. If you lose control of a conventional implant, there is lots to grab onto, but if you lose a 6mm or 4mm implant into the sinus – you have a big problem. So be careful with the idea that short implants are the solution.’

Of course, the most common complication during sinus lift is perforating the schneiderian membrane. The broad spectrum of studies presented by Dr. Norton showed sinus perforation rates around 30%. But, as he explained ‘the problem is that you put the techniques into the hands of an experienced clinician and its lower than 30%, for someone starting out it will always be higher’.


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