Change management, a healthy resolve

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Nicki Rowland from Practices made perfect encourages team leaders and practice managers to have a healthy resolve to stay steadfast when implementing change in a practice.

Ride the Storm

Change management can be exciting, challenging and difficult. In most cases, a large dose of perseverance is required. The dictionary defines perseverance as ‘steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success’. Implementing change in your practice can be a tough journey. It can be difficult and frustrating. In reality, it can be so frustrating and discouraging that some days all you may want to do is cry.  But, don’t give up! You maybe be tired by the continuous battle of getting your team on side or dealing with a resistant member of staff. You maybe exhausted introducing new policies and procedures in line with CQC requirements and training your team to reflect them in their work. However, the battle is worth it.

Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami, says ‘When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about’.

Whether you can see tangible results instantly or they creep in slowly, perseverance is character building. Facing challenges teaches us a lot about our own abilities. Coaching team members develops leadership skills. And driving quality assurance generates robust governance in your practice. Isn’t that good for everyone?

Be Resolute

It’s all about maintaining resolve. So be resolute and remind yourself that your team are watching. They can see that you maybe struggling and becoming frustrated but equally that you are not giving up. This is the best example you can set for anyone! The key is to stay healthily resolute. Change management can be a drain both mentally and physically and the temptation is to reach for the nearest glass of wine to calm the old nerves. Human nature leads us to take the path of least resistance particularly under pressure. It is so easy to fall back into bad habits when we are feeling stressed and anxious. The key to cracking these habits and sticking to your resolve is to plan your route to success and have strategies to keep you on track.

The Year Ahead

So, in the New Year, make a promise to yourself. Stand firm and do not be swayed by the temptations around us. Plan out what you want to achieve at work and involve your team in decision-making. A team approach generates commitment, accountability and attention to detail.

Stay healthy

Sleep, eat and exercise well. It has a direct impact on your general wellbeing at a time when you need the energy and motivation to make a mental shift and drive your practice forward in the coming year.

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Practices Made Perfect

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