Career Pathways, positive futures

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Career pathways are a contemporary concept for dental nurses, but a very welcome one. There is so much more for dental nurses to do once qualified and registered.

Being successful in the primary qualification is not an end point, but rather the beginning of a fulfilling career if you consider the wider picture and take into account the patients’ needs and expectations in your local area and the priority direction at a population level.

Of course you may want to take a different path altogether and need to either move practice or area to pursue your desired path and area of interest.

Whilst many of the paths are clinically driven there are non-clinical pathways that are of huge interest too: training, teaching, assessing, moderating, examining, mentoring, consulting, publishing and within the trade industry – all of which inform either directly or indirectly clinical activity.

So would you like to excel in either a clinical  or non-clinical activity get thinking!

Author Fiona Ellwood

Posted by Gemma

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