A Christmas Message from the Boss

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A Christmas message from Robert Dyas

So as we get to the end of another year people often ask me how I keep up with things and do everything I do. I have four things I tend to do.  
Firstly, I am extremely grateful for what I have, no matter what pressures there are I don't forget I am in an enormously privileged position. Working with Bridge2Aid in Tanzania, with the Archer Project for homeless people in Sheffield and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice bring this home constantly. 
Secondly remember no one is forcing me to work this hard. I work this hard because I enjoy it, no I love it! 
Thirdly I believe in myself in what I am doing and I am passionate in everything I do.  
Fourthly keep a sense of humour. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, see you next year!
Robert Dyas 
Specialist Oral Surgeon 
CEO ProDentalCPD

Posted by Robert

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