Geistlich's Richard Bodimeade shares a highlight from 2015

Image representing Geistlich's Richard Bodimeade shares a highlight from 2015

In May, Danny Buser visited the UK and lectured alongside Charlie Maran at the ADI Team Congress on ’prevention of peri-implantitis’. Having such a well known figure lecture at an event in the UK was a great opportunity to learn something new and what we all wanted to know was; is he really able to prevent peri-implantitis?

During this lecture, he described how his treatment protocol has led to; 3% rate of biologic complications (cohort of 300 patients, over a 15 year period), risk of implant failure within 10 years of less than 2% and risk of early implant failure of less than 1%. So, maybe not prevention exactly – but 3% is a vast improvement on the 10% + quoted in most studies I have read!

More importantly, he went onto describe HOW he achieves these results; ‘stick to strictly evidence based techniques – no cowboy techniques’, he may even have used a swear word at this point, but I won’t repeat it! ‘Don’t compromise on the buccal bone’ and ‘don’t use shabby materials!’ were the key messages. Ultimately it all seemed pretty sensible advice.

30 years of research summarised in 45 minutes from one of the leading names in implantology – not a bad way to spend a sunny morning in Glasgow.


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