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MDDUS welcomes clarification of treatment during pregnancy


Dentists in Scotland are urged to get up to speed with the latest advice issued on the contentious subject of the use of amalgam fillings during pregnancy.


  • To keep up to date with the latest guidelines on the use of amalgam during pregnancy.

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Very interesting article.

Posted by Amy Proud - 2.10pm 18th November 2013

It is indeed a very contentious issue and infringements occur because of the lack of clarity.however the non- placement of a mercury amalgam restoration should be a no brainer to avoid the potential risks to the foetus and should not be allowed at all. Most medical research are carried out on animals because of potential problems and ethical issues that may arise with human experimentation.The author may gain some interesting facts from research done by Prof.Vimy of University of Calgary Canada with regards to mercury crossing the placental barrier.

Posted by shuaib jamie - 7.01am 17th October 2012

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