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Why we chose ProDental CPD for our practice

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ProDental CPD has captured the attention of Dr Simon Wright, principal partner of Glencairn Practice Group and a senior lecturer in Implantology at the University of Salford. He has been using the resource for the last three years to ensure his colleagues are up-to-date with GDC registration requirements. Simon says, “It has started to become a big part of our practices. We get together as a team and work through the different modules, hundreds of journals, webinars, and quizzes.”
Learning used to be about attending lectures and seminars, but now it can be easily performed online using ProDental CPD in a format that suits every individual and as Simon explains there really is something for everyone. “As an old fashioned dentist I have always liked the good old lectures, but ProDental CPD seems to be able to keep my attention, and make me feel involved. There is so much material on this site is does not matter which type of learning suits you, there is something there for you.”
Simon and his staff are among hundreds of other dental professionals who have been converted to using ProDental CPD because of the advantages it brings. With ever increasing time constraints, dental professionals find e-learning convenient and easy to use. “I know the design team have gone to a lot of effort to ensure it is easy to navigate, fulfils the requirements of the GDC, and is sympathetic towards the busy dental professional, who needs to be able to complete the modules and portfolio with the minimum of fuss. I am not sure if it is good luck or good management, but they have definitely got it right.”
Simon continues, “It fits in around us. We regularly grab five minutes here and there to read an article, or start a module, or alternatively we schedule an hour-long slot at our practice meetings to watch a webinar. We find it can be done anywhere, anytime, with whoever – just don't tell my wife!”
Dentists from across the world are using ProDental CPD as it fits conveniently in with their busy lifestyles. And with the additional benefit of learning alongside Professor Tooth, Simon adds: “My computer has been transformed from a one-eyed beast that sucks my soul dry, into a quirky little tooth caricature wearing a gown that I can not wait to turn on and meet again. In both practices we have easily notched up hundreds of hours of verifiable CPD. The danger now is that our nursing team are beginning to out smart the dentists!”
Dr Simon Wright
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