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ProDental CPD – “it’s more than CPD”

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ProDental CPD is one of the UK’s foremost providers of high quality verifiable CPD for the whole dental team. Collaborating with more than 2,000 authors, ProDentalCPD brings members high quality courses that encompass activities such as online lectures, educational videos, webinars, articles and other interactive learning aids.

ProDental CPD’s guiding philosophy is one of continuous improvement and a number of partnerships, such as the collaboration with the British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN), ensure that learning resources are relevant and beneficial. Fiona Ellwood is a BADN member and senior lecturer/adviser in oral health education and preventative programmes, and clearly supports how ProDentalCPD strives to keep abreast of new developments in dentistry. 

“ProDental CPD is very current, for example the GDC recently brought to the fore the topic of oral cancer and in response to this, ProDentalCPD developed a learning tool on this subject, so that its members are up-to-date,” says Fiona. “ProDental CPD looks at market need – it is more than CPD and a lot of thought goes into the construction of the learning resources and their accessibility.”

Fiona’s firm knowledge and expertise has meant that she is also a member of ProDental CPD’s strong editorial board. “The ProDental CPD team researches topics in depth, drawing on knowledge from a host of leading professionals from the industry,” confirms Fiona. “I also find that ProDental CPD appeals to the whole dental sector, as it provides some real cross-sector information.”

“It’s important to be mindful of having a multidisciplinary approach to CPD and using different learning methods,” advises Fiona. “ProDental CPD does not just have one delivery approach and this is a huge attraction for me and those I recommend the site to, as experience has shown that a variation in learning strategies provides more opportunity for learning to occur.” 

ProDental CPD features many hours of peer-reviewed verifiable CPD (including all CORE CPD) in text, video and audio formats. “I think there is a wide selection of appropriate modules for the whole team and more,” says Fiona.

“It is useful for me to guide others towards the site too. A lot of my work focuses on bringing out the potential in others and to help and support them – ProDental CPD gives me the tools to do this.”  

“ProDental CPD considers the educational aspect of CPD, looking at what members want and are required to learn, and gives members a way to evaluate their learning – it does not just hand out a certificate. With the assessments comes the opportunity to revisit any areas when incorrect answers are given and members can retake different questions, which are related to the same subject.”

“Equally ProDental CPD have taken into account the view point of the GDC in relation to the quality of CPD being provided.”

As an educationist with a very busy professional life in dentistry, Fiona relies upon tools that help her to focus and structure her learning activity. The online Personal Development Plan (PDP) is one feature of ProDental CPD that Fiona believes will keep her and the whole team focussed. “Personally, I wouldn’t be without a PDP,” says Fiona, “it is a very effective tool to use and makes learning much more efficient. At the beginning of the next 5-year cycle, I will to turn to ProDental CPD and I’ll be using the PDP.”

ProDental CPD gives users unlimited access to the largest online collection of verifiable CPD in the UK from some of the most renowned names in dentistry. Not only this, but every dental professional can benefit from e-learning with ProDental CPD as the modules are tailored to dentists, nurses, hygienists, therapists, technicians and practice managers.

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