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ProDental CPD – “really important for DCPs”

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Education is clearly important to Fay Griffiths, a hygienist who teaches the Diploma and NVQ for dental nurses in Wales and Hereford and works as an examiner for the Diploma. Fay has been doing her CPD with ProDentalCPD since May and the expanse of modules available has meant that she has made real headway towards achieving the remainder of her CPD hours.  

ProDentalCPD has everything from diabetes, epilepsy, all the medical emergncies, infection control - even compulsory subjects like complaints handling", says Fay, "and ProDentalCPD's infection control course is the best I have ever seen in my life. I teach infection control and even I have learnt so much!”

ProDentalCPD strives to bring the highest quality CPD to its members with articles written by some of the most established names in dentistry. Fay agrees explaining, “I like verifiable CPD that is concrete and fool proof and with wonderful professionals like Shaun Howe RDH on ProDentalCPD’s editorial board, I just feel so comforted.”

The concept of e-learning has been designed specifically to fit around every dental team member’s working day. With ever-increasing time pressures and responsibility placed on dental professionals, having the opportunity to achieve the requisite hours of study can be difficult. “It’s good to go to courses to meet people,” says Fay. “But some people cannot go, many of these courses are just so expensive. ProDentalCPD is professional and convenient, and this is fantastic for dental nurses in places like rural Wales where courses may be difficult to reach.”

“I use ProDentalCPD all of the time,” continues Fay, “even in-between patients if there’s a quick half and hour. I can also retake the end of module assessments if needed.” This fits in with dental professionals’ clinical practice. “I have used ProDentalCPD everyday since last month, confirms Fay. “I have nearly done 40 hours already!”

With many DCPs embarking on a new CPD cycle this year, scheduling CPD around work and home life could be effortless with ProDentalCPD in the next cycle. By signing up to ProDentalCPD, members get a personal development plan (PDP) planner that allows them to map out their CPD for making the most out of training and reflective practice. Not only this, but members also have their own personalised homepage with Core CPD reminders and module recommendations suited to their CPD requirements.

Looking forward to the next CPD cycle, Fay is excited and reassured about her training and development. “I can’t wait until I start my new cycle,” concludes Fay. “I am going to do my online CPD three times a week. I am doing everything with ProDentalCPD.”

Fay Griffiths
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