Lyn Paxman

Culture and Leadership Consultants

Lyn has over 30 years experience as a Coach and Facilitator, helping a wide variety of organisations from pre-start up to established corporate, to improve their culture, leadership approach and team performance.

In addition, she has worked within dentistry for over 10 years; within dental practice acquisitions for mydentist, Dentex and Envisage and as a (non-clinical) Partner in her own Private dental practice.

It was in her own practice where she proved that turnover is significantly impacted through her empowering approach to leadership and team coaching.  The Practice saw an increase of more than 250% in less than 2 years, without needing to be hands on.

She is currently working with new and rapidly growing dental group Todays Dental, focusing upon developing a Culture which facilitates the 4Ps; Purpose, People, Patients and Profit©

She takes a fresh, forward-thinking approach in the way she delivers content, with a focus upon making it accessible and easy to implement in real life.  Her area of expertise is in developing leaders who evolve empowered, engaged teams, which creates happy and profitable dental businesses.